Dark Pop-Surreal Sculpture and Repurposed Robots

Welcome to the imagination of Eddie Sparr

To the left you will find the artwork galleries, the most recent work is kept at the top of the navagation bar and will typically be labled 'New'. I hope you enjoy the artwork as much as I enjoyed making it.

Born January 27, 1972 in Los Angeles, CA, Eddie's art influences began at a young age, with the encouragement of a creative family. Drawing and painting filled most of Eddie's early years and lead to a formal graphic design education at the University of Northern Colorado. Upon leaving school and realizing that graphic design was not the path to an artistically fulfilling life, Eddie decided to enter the sign industry. Fabrication techniques, such as welding and cutting influenced him to explore sculpture. Pooling from popular society and his own imagination, Eddie began creating other worldly creatures from steel and urethane.
H.R. Giger, Frances Bacon, Chet Zar, and Gene Hoffman have majorly influenced Eddie as an artist.
Eddie works out of his home studio in Cave Creek Az. Eddie, his wife and two kids enjoy the desert they live in and regularly take advantage of it.

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